Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

Cinderella cupcakes complete with mouse, broom and dress!

These cute Cinderella cupcakes are by VCVC Cupcakes in Melrose, Massachusetts via their Facebook page.

The Hunger Games cake pop

The Hunger Games cake pop by Cake Stix in Tempe, Arizona, via When Geeks Wed. Find out more on Cake Stix's Facebook page. More The Hunger Games cupcakes coming soon!

Blow Pop cupcakes with bubble gum marshmallow buttercream and a strawberry marshmallow inside, plus recipe link

Yes, Blow Pops, the lollipop with bubble gum in the middle, can be paired with cupcakes, and marhsmallows! Get the recipe for bubble gum marshmallow buttercream (!!) and instructions at Cookies and Cups.

and the inside:

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Bunny Cupcakes, Easter's on the Way!

I know we will be seeing many more Easter, Passover and spring-theme cupcakes, but I have a soft spot for the bunnies.

bunny cupcakes

bunny cupcakes

Just look at those wabbit teeth!

bunny cupcakes

All images courtesy seelensturm.

Easter cupcakes in recycled egg cartons

How cute are these? These recycled egg cartons filled with Bliss Bake Shop cupcakes and Inkberry toppers at Fancy That (located in Bliss Bake Shop) in Portland, Oregon. Via Facebook. See and for more information.

Fancy That also sells these treat cups.